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The future of SMS Marketing

Will SMS still be relevant in the upcoming years?

SMS Marketing is a technology with a bright future. Since the time when SMS technology appeared, some skeptics predicted that it would quickly lose its relevance and would be forgotten with the advent of alternative means of messaging, but the opposite happened and SMS messages only became more popular and widely used.
Nowadays, SMS has already established itself as a very reliable and widely used technology for transmitting messages of any importance and confidentiality, so they will definitely be an integral data exchange and data transmission in the coming years. If there is still the question left  “How useful are SMS technologies today?”, read our article till the end. Here we will not only answer all your questions, but also tell you more about the use cases of SMS Marketing and its future.

Experts predict that If compared with previous years the flow of SMS traffic will grow by almost 50% in 2021, because in a pandemic, most brands send SMS texts to their customers in order not only to keep them, but also to get the repeat purchases.

Such vogue of SMS among brands is due to the fact that SMS is a cheap, reliable and fast channel of communication. More than 95% of messages are read in the first 5 minutes after receiving, and besides, to receive an SMS text, the recipient does not need an Internet connection, which gives a huge advantage over messengers.

Why did SMS Marketing generate such a stir?

At first there was little interest in SMS. However, in 1995 when the first SMS messages began to be sent, they were not so popular among phone users, but within five years their popularity increased significantly and SMS technology began to be massively spread throughout the world. Businesses have started to use bulk SMS technology to send short text messages with the most informative text, that brought amazing results, and a lot of positive feedback about SMS. Thanks to SMS marketing strategies usage, customer loyalty to the Business has grown significantly, and companies realized that based on the data available about customers, they can segment consumers and send SMS worldwide that will most interest the corresponding segment of the buyer. This revolutionized SMS marketing strategies, and gained unprecedented popularity, which they have to this day.

What does the “tomorrow”of SMS Marketing look like?

Reach capability – In order to send or receive SMS you do not need to be connected to the internet, you just need to be within the coverage area of ​​your mobile operator. Of all mobile device users, just over half use smartphones, and the rest are regular phone users. The use of SMS allows marketing specialists to reach a much wider audience of mobile device users.

Open Rate – The response rate to SMS messages among users varies from 85% to 92%, while only a third of recipients respond to emails. The great advantage of SMS is that the text of the messages is short and contains just necessary info with a call to action, so it only takes a few seconds for the user to read the message and make a decision about purchase.

ROI – Experts’ research confirms that more than a third of all recipients will respond to the received message and more than half will make a purchase in the nearest time after receiving an SMS. When compared with the indicators that experts receive as a result of using voice calls or mail, it becomes obvious that SMS wins in all respects and gives the biggest return of investment.

Based on the above benefits, the future of bulk SMS marketing will continue to show huge usage increases.

Which are the most effective/attractive features of SMS Marketing?

1. Do not get stuck in spam filters – According to analytics, only about 10% of messages are recognized as spam, while e-mail servers have stricter filters that filter a significant part of messages and sort them into a spam folder, which means that such emails will never be read.

2. Catch attention – Due to the boom in distractions on the Internet, people’s attention to objects or messages has decreased dramatically. To grab the client’s attention, use the first few words that will impress them. Be creative and describe the benefits of your offer succinctly so that from the very first seconds the client understands that he is a winner with you.

3. It’s easy to include effective call to actions – SMS text messages are read within 3 minutes on average, and including effective call to actions shows amazing results. To engage the customer and keep them interested in communication with you, you need to add a call to action and emphasize a personalized approach because customers love to feel unique, for example: BIG BENEFIT! A secret promotion FOR INSIDERS ONLY. Follow the link now and get a promo code for a 50% discount

Despite the high attributes of SMS Marketing in terms of investment efficiency, the high rates of open and replied messages, SMS Marketing is best used in conjunction with other channels of communication. Any Marketing Campaign must be comprehensive and circumspect to be most effective.

Using SMS for 2FA, sending OTP, PIN code confirmation, booking or purchase confirmations and other confidential data helps to prevent fraud related to users’ personal data and reduce the level of cybercrimes. In addition, your clients will trust your brand as you show concern on their security. SMS offers an additional layer of security for any transaction, helping to protect users from unwanted consequences.

From the outside, it may seem that the use of SMS is in the past, but statistics show that the percentage of open messages in the first 3-5 minutes after receiving is still more than 92%, that speaks for itself. As practice shows, this is a proven, effective, and very personal way of communication.

Summarizing all above facts we can assert that SMS Marketing is very effective in Business Development, thanks to the many advantages.

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