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Top tips for creating a database for SMS campaigns

We’ve talked about the many benefits that your business can get by using SMS as a communication channel, and the best practices to obtain the most benefits from it. But what about building your contact list?

Building an effective SMS database mostly relies on knowing your clients’ needs and conducting a proper assessment of their tastes and habits. Also there are a few tips and tricks to make this process much easier. 

We’ve gathered here the best tips and advice for building databases from scratch from experienced SMS marketers to share them with you, so keep reading!

  • Use a subscription system resource (opt-in). 

When building your new SMS database, you want to make sure that the contacts you gather are really interested in the information, updates and discounts you will be sending. Having a subscription system on your website will ensure that you don’t send unwanted messages or agitate your clients.

  • Use the data you have already

You already have a small database that is a constant consumer of your products? Ask them if they would like to receive offers and updates about your company. Having contacts from providers or professional networks already? Convince them to join your subscribers list in exchange of small discounts or other benefits.

  • Give your clients incentives to subscribe

Everytime a client buys from you, ask them to join your SMS contact list in exchange for some free or promotional items from your store, or inform them about the discount coupons that you send to clients that are part of your contact list. 

  • Don’t buy data from third parties

This might be a very tempting and easy solution to build your database, but you might get into legal problems when you buy mobile data from third parties. Also, the data you get won’t be segmented and probably very few of the clients you contact would be interested in your line of business. Remember that sending unwanted information and promos could do a lot of harm to your business reputation.

  • Assure your clients that you won’t share their personal information

Privacy is one of the top concerns of people when they think about giving their contact information to companies. Assure your clients that you won’t share their information with another company and that you will use their information for the purposes your clients chose. Make sure to tell your clients in your website and the other communication channels you use, that their information is safe with you. 

  • Establish the value of interacting via SMS with your brand

You can send emails, social media ads, and even use radio to promote the benefits that your clients will get if they join your SMS service. Advertise these benefits everywhere you can!

  • Make your clients feel special for being part of your SMS service

The main key when building your database, is to make your clients feel part of a “secret society” or “VIP list” where they get special offers, discounts and other benefits for being part of it. Once your clients know that they’ll get additional benefits for being part of your database, the “mouth to mouth” will for sure get you many more clients willing to join to your “secret” SMS list.

  • Use in-store signaling

Make a sign promoting the benefits of joining to your SMS contact list next to the register. Advertise your SMS program on your POS and regular receipts. Your imagination is the limit!

  • Make contests and raffles for your SMS subscribers only

Once you post the winners of the raffles and contests on your business’ Facebook, website and other social media channels, more clients will want to participate and for sure they’ll ask to join your SMS family!

We’re sure that once you get familiar with the steps in building your SMS databases, you’ll discover that SMS has a lot of benefits for your business.

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