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Top reasons why you should start using SMS Marketing

If SMS has been around a long time, why should you start making SMS campaigns for your business now?

Well, things have changed a great deal since SMS technologies first started being utilized. Now all great marketers know that using SMS campaigns offer the highest engagement rate among other enticing benefits.

We gathered some of the best reasons for using SMS marketing for you, so check them out:

  • You can connect instantly with your target market: 

Forget about complicated and expensive design/print processes. Simply select the text you want to include in your message and that’s it! We’ll make sure that your SMS will be delivered anywhere in seconds.

  • You can grab your target market or existing client’s attention in a more strategic way:

No other channel offers you the possibility to get your client’s attention without having to compete with full inboxes, anti-spam software, or invasive and distracting ads.

  • It offers an open rate of 99% versus 17% for email:

No further explanation needed. Does any other channel offer a 99% of success rate? Just think about how many SMS you get and don’t read?

  • You can save a lot and increase your ROI:

SMS campaigns are extremely cheap compared with any other marketing channels, and they give approximately a 32% of conversions.

  • It’s a very reliable channel:

You can take advantage of a device your clients already have in their pocket to deliver a message with a personalized sensation. Almost no one leaves home without their cellphones, and people always have one near them. Someone might have different emails and social media profiles, but the majority only have one mobile phone number. 

  • It offers simplicity instead of headaches:

Setting up an SMS campaign with us is a very simple process. No complicated tech specifications and no need to make a lot of integrations. Sending an SMS to thousands of phone numbers can be done in seconds.

  • It’s trackable:

With our diverse tracking options, you can always keep a detailed account of the information you require to keep your marketing strategies running optimally.

  • Forget about compatibility issues:

All mobile phones out there in the world are compatible with SMS

  • All your clients will know how to interact with SMS:

Almost all people of all ages know how to read and use SMS services in their phones. You won’t have any generational issues while using this channel for your campaigns.

  • SMS gives your message a sense of immediacy:

If your phone rings, you check it almost immediately, don’t you? Of course, your clients have the same habit!

  • SMS are eco-friendly:

If you’re looking to make your company more eco-friendly, an SMS campaign is for you. It has the lowest carbon footprint and saves on resources compared with all other communication channels out there. 

Now perhaps you know a little more why SMS mobile marketing as a communication channel is growing its popularity each day. Your creativity is the limit!

If you’re interested in getting more information or if you have questions about how to begin using SMS communications in your company, don’t hesitate to contact us! We, the SixFive team, will be very pleased to help.

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