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The most common myths of SMS Messaging for Businesses

The most common myths of SMS Messaging for Businesses

Despite the well-known facts about the effectiveness of SMS marketing, there are still myths around it passed on by word of mouth that can create doubts to business owners, who are doubtful of sending a campaign or not.

Myths are often invented by competitors of companies, or entrepreneurs who used SMS marketing campaigns in a totally mistaken way, like send bulk SMS to a purchased database, which was not the target audience of their business; send text messages in the wrong timing, causing their clients to unsubscribe, or other options that have affected the effectiveness of the SMS messaging campaign. 

We took the liberty of proving otherwise and clear the waters for you. We will explain deeper about the most common myths of sms, and of course, unveil them.

1. My text messages will irritate the client

Indeed, today a person is confronted daily with large flows of information, which can be tiring. But if you have received permission from the user to send SMS, if the messages will be relevant and interesting for them, if they will come at a convenient time for the clients, and if at the first request you will exclude him from the mailing list, be sure: you will get a loyal customer. Before launching an SMS marketing campaign, be sure to study the legislation of the countries where you plan to launch it, and then feel free to proceed. Your clients will thank you for communicating with them and for your special approach to service.

2. SMS Messages – Only for youth engagement

In the beginning, text messaging was considered almost a youth subculture with weird buzzwords and acronyms. But over time, older generations learned about the benefits of text messaging as well.

The SMS functionality that really matters is instant delivery, not having to deal with complicated tech stuff, and software updates for its usage, and the urgency SMS conveys. The cellphone user audience is really wide, it includes everyone: from Boomers, Generation X and millennials to Generation Z. 

3. Text marketing is only suitable for large companies and certain industries

This is completely wrong, because marketing messaging provides companies of all sizes and from all industries with a huge number of opportunities to position their business.

Here are some of them: SMS notifications and companion messages for better customer service; two-factor authorization using SMS for security; limited discounts and exclusive invitations sent via text, which can solve “slow work days” problems in minutes. The list could go on and on.

So, every company can choose Its own SMS marketing strategy based on Its budget and marketing goals. The main thing to know is that SMS Marketing has proven its effectiveness over the years: if done right, it can really give you a good ROI and customer retention rate.

4. It takes more than 160 characters to build trust with a client. 

In fact, this is not the case. The short and sweet SMS format is something new in the stream of vague and misleading advertising.

Precisely because text messages get straight to the point, they have the best engagement and conversion rates of any marketing tool.

In addition, text messaging also gives you a great opportunity to make your marketing strategy more appealing by personalizing your text messages. Since SMS is a direct marketing channel, you can use information about your customers’ preferences and behaviors to tailor your SMS campaigns to their needs and interests. Exclusive discounts or anniversary and birthday offers can bring you immediate results when sent via SMS, unlike any other type of marketing.

SMS is a convenient and effective tool for marketing. But like any subtle tool, it must be properly configured. And then its capabilities will become your advantage over your competitors. 

Don’t let the aforementioned misconceptions keep you from improving your communication with customers and getting the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns.

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