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SMS Messages and their importance in ‘the new normal’

The world has changed, and we can only guess how the situation will develop in the coming months. While we are moving through uncharted waters and trying to comprehend the consequences of the global pandemic, each of us asks the question: “What’s next?”

Businesses are asking themselves the same question. Many of them have faced a crisis before but none were prepared for a pandemic of this magnitude. They have changed strategies that they have developed over the many years so as not to lose user interest. Normally in times of trouble, many businesses focus on brand retention and recognition. For example, distribution companies changed their profile and started to deliver food and medicine, many delivery companies introduced a number of changes aimed at contactless delivery and payment, also to retain customers.

Brands can make a difference and discover new opportunities if they adapt to “the new normal”, and SMS in this case is an indispensable tool that will help to establish a connection between you and your clients, as well as increase customer loyalty.

Below are the “must do’s” for SMS Marketing that you can implement to calmly get through difficult times in “the new normal” with the help of any bulk SMS service provider.

Your ad texts should take into consideration the current mood of the clients

Brands are running active ad campaigns now, but there is a fine line between wanting to be heard and making noise. Since we have almost completely switched to digital communication due to the fact that many have started working from home, brands must adapt their advertising messages to the new state of affairs.

So what can you do? Send a text! You can send SMS thru SMS platforms to tell users about how your brand is coping with the current situation (messaging your clients with updates in the range of services provided, security measures taken, etc.), share important information about special offers, notifications of delivery and so much more!

Rely on data you can trust: Analyze and adapt to new trends in user behavior

The pandemic has forced millions of people around the world to adapt to the new reality and change their lifestyles. As a result, people began to use their phones more in search of new things to do. The impact of the pandemic is also evident in the way users interact with the apps – they spend more time on social and news apps, almost completely moving away from sports and travel apps.

To stay afloat, advertisers need to make changes on the fly and this is where SMS messages and SMS Marketing comes to the rescue. Make sure you use all the marketing data at your disposal. A single view of critical KPIs allows marketers to see the true ROI of their campaigns and make the necessary optimization at every stage. For example, use segmentation tools to create reports that show the behavior of specific segments over time, and create highly targeted campaigns based on the data.

Focus on retention: strengthen your relationship with existing users

User retention has become a top priority for marketers. Attracting new users is not easy even under normal circumstances, let alone a pandemic.

Brands need to think about sustainable growth in the future, and the best way to do this is to invest in existing users.

Acquiring new users costs 5 to 10 times more than re-engaging, with existing users spending on average 67% more than those who just came to your business.

It is clear that retention is highly dependent on user experience, and there are many ways to improve it. By means of SMS Marketing, you can emphasize the loyalty of your company to those customers who remain loyal to your brand by making a nice gift, for example: offering free shipping and a free trial period, providing a personal promotional code for a discount, sending them SMS coupons, etc.

Of course, a marketing approach should be based on a deep understanding of user behavior and emotions. People will remember and appreciate your attitude during this difficult period. Creative SMS messages will give positive emotions to your customers in a pandemic, which will set you apart from other competitors.

Retain users with a seamless, cross-platform user experience.

As businesses go digital, so does the number of communication channels with users. Thus, channels that drive the conversion funnel, such as web and SMS, play an important role and should provide a positive user experience.

You can use links in your SMS text, for example, to give opportunities to change orders, refund payments, do surveys, send SMS coupons to use on your web store, or track delivery status of an order. (For example: Your delivery is on its way! check delivery status in https://XXXXXXX) This way customers will feel calmer and more secure, which will increase audience loyalty and help not only retain existing ones, but also attract new users through marketing buzz.

Never stop, be flexible to new conditions, because a period of radical changes has arrived. Many brands are putting their “business on hiatus” or suspending marketing due to the crisis. While these measures are understandable, entrepreneurs need to see the current situation as a new opportunity and think for the future.

In SixFive, we want to help businesses achieve their goals by continually providing new insights and support to our clients. As one of the best bulk SMS providers in the market, we can help you to send SMS worldwide, at local prices!

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