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SMS Marketing - Why is it so easy to use for Business Development?

SMS Marketing – Why is it so easy to use for Business Development?

The modern world is such that all the time you need to act quickly, be heard, attract and keep the attention of your customers.If you are promoting your product and developing your business, then it is important to be constantly online.

Today, one of the most promising and easy methods for promoting a business and attracting customers is SMS marketing. Below we’ll explain why it is very easy and simple to use SMS Marketing for business development.

  • SMS Marketing is very convenient

Each time you need to send a message to regular customers, you do not need to waste time and type it manually for each customer, you can very easily automate the bulk send. This includes posts that are set up once and need to be reviewed every one or two years. The main thing to remember is the dispatch time. Choose a time from 10:00 to 17:00 so as not to disturb the customer outside of business hours. You can automate messages such as:

  1. Birthday greetings (the text changes once a year)
  2. Collecting reviews
  3. Stock notification
  4. Regular SMS reminders (relevant for the service sector)
  5. Registration / delivery of the order, etc.

You can also send SMS Messages manually for instance to send promotional codes, news about opening a new store / restaurant, etc.

  •  SMS Marketing is easy

To start sending bulk SMS, you’ll need a list of phone numbers and a tool – a program or a web service. (Earlier we talked about how to effectively build a Client Database). With the help of software you can:

  1. Download and store a contact database
  2. Send messages from a short number or on behalf of a brand
  3. Launch deferred messaging at the appointed day and time
  4. Insert recipients’ name, date of birth, and other personalized information into messages
  5. Generate unique promotional codes to analyze the results deeper
  6. Track the number of delivered and open messages
  7. Add a short link to the promo page

When choosing a service provider, you should take into account the security of your customers’ personal data, the cost of one message and the entire SMS Mailing list, the compliance of specific services with your tasks, the quality of technical support, and other parameters.

  • SMS Marketing is cheap

Compared to SMM, email, and display contextual and banner advertising, SMS messaging is very cheap. This means that even the smallest business can afford such investments. Considering the high open rate, with proper elaboration of the base, the concept of the campaign and the text of the message, SMS mailings bring good returns and exceed all expectations in terms of sales and ROI.

  • SMS Marketing will save you precious time

Imagine that you are launching a new product line and you need to quickly promote it. Bulk SMS is a great way to do this. The advantages are obvious:

  1. Speed
  2. Scale
  3. High open rate
  4. Ease of the process of following links to sites
  5. Personalization of communication
  • The success of SMS messaging is easy to evaluate and measure

Despite the fact that it is technically impossible to find out what a person is doing after opening SMS, the results of messaging campaigns can be analyzed in detail. The basic functionality of services evaluates the deliverability and openness of messages. These are indirect indicators, but they also need to be monitored. A low percentage may indicate an outdated or poor-quality contact base that is time to clean up and update. Messages may not be opened simply because the person has changed the number and is no longer active. Additional tools help to track the percentage of messages that led to a purchase or other targeted action.

  • Promo codes. They are generated individually for each campaign. You can judge the effectiveness by the number of used promotional codes. And dividing the SMS campaign budget by this indicator, we get the cost of sale.
  • Call tracking. If the target action is a call to the company, the messages contain special numbers allocated by the call-tracking service. This way, calls will be sent to analytics, which will allow tracking the customer’s journey. Everything works the same as with websites, billboards and newspaper ads.
  • UTM tags. Useful if messages lead a person to the site. By marking the link with tags, we will see how many people followed it and what they did next.

All these methods allow you to analyze the results of SMS campaigns down to sales, profit and ROI and find out if the investment has paid off. SMS Marketing brings you closer to the client, as the client feels that he is important to you, he is remembered and this allows you to increase loyalty to your brand.

Here we told you why SMS Marketing is so easy to use in business development. SixFive appreciates your time, knows how important it is to develop your business, retain regular customers and attract new ones! Don’t waste a minute, contact us right now and we’ll provide you with the best SMS routes at the best prices that will deliver messages to all your clients instantly, no matter where they are.

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