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SMS Marketing Uses & SMS Messaging Features

For its successful activity, each company must communicate with its customers, as this is the most reliable source of information about the wishes of customers. Such information allows making certain changes in the company’s activities, which will attract even more customers.

Among the most effective tools for maintaining communication with customers, SMS marketing can definitely be distinguished. Such marketing involves the distribution of marketing information about a product or service by sending it via SMS to the mobile phones of consumer subscribers. SMS marketing is considered a new effective way of direct communication with the consumer and is one of the so-called direct marketing tools. A Bulk SMS service can benefit any industry. Whatever your business is, we’ll give you the power to better communicate with your customers via texting.

If you had sent an SMS to your clients 10 minutes ago, this would be the result now:

95% of recipients would already read it if you had a really interesting sentence, the calls would have already started on your company’s telephone numbers; your sales could be increased if you sent discount coupons, and the search engines would send requests for your brand.

Why is SMS Marketing useful?

  • Allows you to quickly tell about important things: discounts, seminars, new product releases
  • Almost 100% Open Rate
  • Easy to use. No need to create designs, by a copywriter or programmer
  • Lowest Price Point
  • Allows you to be close to your customers

Getting a Bulk SMS service is ideal for you if:

  • your business involves a repeat purchase;
  • you have promotions periodically
  • you have new offers
  • you have new products
  • you need cross-sales
  • you have data about  clients’ birthdays

And the most important advantage is that building a base for SMS text messaging is easier than for email. More often than not, you already have a customer base who bought your products or used your services. It’s always good to grow your base. The first and easiest way is to take the data after purchase. The second is to exchange it on the site along with an email for a discount.

The third is not to let go and collect ALL the phones of those who called you and asked the managers something under the pretext “Do you want us to inform you about the price decrease, or when the goods appear?, etc.” Fourth, integrate SMS marketing into your promo channels. The method “Send SMS to number” 1555 “and get a promo code with a discount” will collect for you a database of pending SMS-mailings.

How to not become SMS Spammers?

Always explain why the client needs to subscribe to the SMS campaign. For example, he will be aware of the hottest offers or be able to save money receiving sms text discount coupons. Make sure to keep your clients informed about their data confidentiality. Customers must be sure that you will NEVER share their numbers with third parties and do not fill them with spam.

Therefore, every trustworthy company provides an opportunity to unsubscribe.

What are the most important SMS features?

  • The Real Time Delivery

When you receive an SMS text you read it almost immediately. Aren’t you? Your clients are doing it too. The numbers speak for themselves: the SMS channel provides a very good ROI. Such statistics position SMS messaging as a real-time marketing channel.

  • Reaches Your Clients EVERYWHERE

SMS messages are ubiquitous because they reach the recipient everywhere and at any time of the day, because it does not depend on the presence of an Internet connection. It’s very important for transactional messaging to businesses so that they can communicate in a timely manner and improve the customer experience.

  • Flexibility

SMS marketing is suitable for any Business, small or large.

If you are an airline, you can send reminders for passengers, updates, alerts regarding changes in the flight schedule; if you are the owner of a restaurant business SMS suits well for you too as then you can send a personalized SMS and congratulate your customers on the holiday, provide them with a personalized offer, confirm reservations, or simply inform about an update in the menu. SMS messages are an universal tool for interacting with a client.

  • Personalized

Every text message that you are sending to your customer can be personalized.

It’s aimed at brands that can personalize messages and become increasingly recognizable, thanks to sending personalized SMS from the number that is having an alpha-name of a Brand ( for instance: IKEA, AMAZON, etc.). Statistics show that recognizable names are very useful as it`s a call to trust, also if a client needs you, he can find you by name in the list of received messages any time when your support is needed, etc that increases loyalty to your brand.
The other targets recipients with segmentation features and dynamic fields, allowing you to customize your text messaging based on the actions, interests, and personal information of each contact.

  • Integrable

With APIs, web services and FTP packages, bulk SMS services can be connected to any CRM, e-commerce, ERP, or content management system. It is an essential resource for creating an exchange between customer information and data by connecting different technologies and creating a digital ecosystem.

  • Automatized

Marketing automation helps with lead generation, nurturing, and scoring, as well as with measuring overall ROI on campaigns. The time- and cost-saving effects of automation increase as an organization grows in size and complexity. Good marketing automation systems are designed to scale alongside your business. It is a technology that allows you to have an automatic SMS workflow and more: not only a way to save time and make the communication flow independent, but also allows you to create relevant and targeted campaigns, automatically transfer content and messages (welcome, confirmation order, promotional messages, etc. in accordance with the personal information, interests and behaviour.

  • Trackable

Anyone who sends an SMS can get detailed information about successful and failed delivery ratio, as well as opportunities such as click rates on links in a message, not only by campaign, but also by recipient.

  • Extendable

In addition to being able to link messages, as previously mentioned, landing pages are a key resource for SMS where customers can read about products, innovations, services and communications that are represented in 160 SMS characters. All you need is a drag-and-drop editor to create a professional-looking mobile optimized page.

  • Beneficial

SMS Marketing has very high ROI in the digital marketing and mobile marketing sphere as it always reaches active real users of phones, so your SMS will be read but not sent to non existing users that will never become your client.

You can see that SMS Marketing is very useful thanks to its flexibility, versatility and trackability, it’s always saving your money and increasing your customer loyalty without any doubts. Creating a marketing plan via text message is an important step towards getting your business in the eyes of your customers. Implement leading-edge SMS Marketing features and leverage all of the SMS messaging features to get the most out of your marketing efforts and motivate customers to take action today.

You don’t have to send all texts manually. Using a bulk SMS service provider like SixFive will bring your text messaging campaigns to the next level. You can send SMS worldwide, and without having to deal with complicated tech things. SixFive can help you start sending your SMS campaigns in no time. What are you waiting for? Send a text messaging campaign today and watch the amazing results speak for themselves!

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