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SMS Marketing & Holiday Seasons

SMS Marketing & Holiday Seasons

The shopping season is coming, and in many countries, it is already here. Mobility restrictions are almost over, and shops are getting ready to receive thousands of enthusiastic buyers searching for the best deals.

However, this year’s holiday and shopping season might be different, as the world is still adapting to the new reality. There are some understandable concerns about possible logistics and supply-chain issues. The fragile economies of countries, some still struggling to recuperate from the downturn, could potentially cause a decrease in sales worldwide. As well as many other volatile factors that certainly will have an impact on our consumption habits this year. However, despite these predictions, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and general shopping season is, and will always remain, the highest sales season for all businesses selling goods out there.

Now is the time for businesses to prepare for the most lucrative season of the year. Preparation and well timed communications are the main factors to keep an eye on, if you’re willing to take advantage of the season. 

SMS can become your key to success to capitalise the sales opportunities these holidays bring. As mentioned, you should already have a prepared marketing strategy. But in addition one of the main factors contributing to success is also to communicate as loud as you can the benefits, discounts, and the many surprises you can offer to your clients during their shopping with you. Using SMS Marketing can give a huge boost to your seasonal sales, as it’s one of the cheapest marketing tools out there. A perfect fit for starting or small businesses not counting with big budgets to promote their offers. 

It is also widely known that sending coupons thru SMS text have redemption rates 10 times higher than those of printed coupons, and the same applies to promo codes for online shopping. Many businesses also use SMS messages to inform their clients about special gifts, night sales, and of course, to encourage their clients to opt-in to their SMS communication lists to get exclusive deals. You can also send appreciation SMS texts & personalized greetings to make your clients have your brand in their minds. Most of the great marketers out there agree that the best marketing strategy is to focus on providing an outstanding customer experience with your brand, and to offer a real aggregated value, not just having the most competitive prices compared with other businesses in the same line as yours. Keep in mind that communicating your offers and special sale events with enough anticipation time, will help to ensure a higher attendance, as people usually have very tight schedules during the holidays. 

We have many articles in our blog that can help you to build your SMS marketing strategy for the season, like how to best communicate, text templates, how to build a user database to send bulk SMS, the most used SMS marketing strategies, and other articles that we’re sure can help you to make this season a total success for you and your business. Feel free to browse and check all our blog articles! 

Counting with a reliable bulk SMS provider is also a main key factor to consider. You can count on our vast experience and innovative technology to deliver your messages all the time, at the right time. SixFive is always ready to help you send a text anywhere in the world, with the lowest rates in the market. Contact us now, we’ll be pleased to help!

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