You are currently viewing SMS & Fitness businesses – The perfect mix for gaining clients’ loyalty
SMS & Fitness businesses - The perfect mix for gaining clients’ loyalty

SMS & Fitness businesses – The perfect mix for gaining clients’ loyalty

Summer season has started or is around the corner for most people around the globe! Gyms and other fitness businesses are getting ready to receive and help to sculpt the summer bodies people dream about. It’s no surprise that many people join fitness centers or start caring about their physical condition around these dates.

Fitness and exercise apps get a notable increase in their downloads during summer seasons. But sadly, not all people that start attending the gym or doing exercise for the summer, keep engaged and motivated after 2 weeks. Studies show that after the first month, the engagement rates begin to decrease significantly. How to help people to remain motivated and to reach their summer goals, while gaining a loyal client base with so many competitors out there? SMS messages can be a big incentivator and ally of your business!

Most fitness or exercise apps, gyms, and fitness centers of all kinds, have a tremendous opportunity to keep their users motivated via simple SMS text alerts. Considering that more than 65% of people are willing to receive SMS alerts, updates, and communications from their favorite brands; thinking of using SMS alerts to remind your clients about their upcoming sports classes, or about their diet, is for sure a great way to make your customers feel unique, appreciated and that you’re truly invested in helping them to reach their goals. Personal trainers can take advantage of SMS communications and even send reminders when the exercise routine needs to be updated, or which type of workout is suggested based on the client’s goals and training schedule to make the alerts even more personalized. One SMS text message at the right time, can mark the difference for your client. Sometimes, one message is all it takes to motivate a person to take action. Knowing what motivates your clients individually, can become your secret weapon to make them stay loyal to your brand.

Fitness apps have a great advantage at their side: users downloading and using exercise apps do so via their smartphones in most cases. Using bulk SMS to deliver direct and personalized communications could be a great way to take advantage of the seasonal momentum that mentioned fitness apps get during summer. Incentivizing healthy competition between your user base, could be another great idea to engage your app and digital customers.

The majority of marketers out there are aware now that the key to win the engagement fight against other competitors and big companies with enormous marketing budgets is to make your clients feel unique, and appreciated. One of the major benefits of using SMS marketing is its versatility,  and of course, the customization possibilities that are endless. The limit is your imagination! Also, it is also known that SMS text messages tend to generate a sense of urgency when delivered. Nowadays, 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes. No other communication channel gives you these advantages; and we’re not considering the return of investment and price comparison against email marketing campaigns or social media targeted ads!

If you’re willing to start using SMS as a direct channel to communicate with your clients instantly, SixFive is ready to help you! We’re an experienced enterprise with several years in the market as bulk SMS providers. We count with a worldwide high quality route coverage, in-house built technology, and the best prices in the market to help your fitness business bloom this summer season. Feel free to contact us, we’ll be pleased to help.

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