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SMS Appointment Reminders: All you need to know

SMS Appointment Reminders: All you need to know

With the extra busy lives, and important day-to-day activities every person experiences, it is common to miss appointments, no matter how many reminders and alarms we set on our cellphones. Don’t feel bad, these things happen, life can be very chaotic at times. But, wouldn’t it have been great if you received an SMS reminding you about the upcoming appointment with an hour of anticipation? You would feel that a great customer service is being provided to you, and this way, if you can’t make it to the appointment, at least you still have time to contact the business and ask for a re-schedule.

If your business is willing to retain long-term customers, while attracting new ones; you have to place special attention to how convenient your business is, compared with your competitors. With many people living in today’s always busy society,  important appointments and things to do can quickly get lost in the day to day chaos.

Nowadays, customers expect a high level customer service. And what’s best than to care about your upcoming appointments? Your clients will know you have their next visit in your mind, making them feel appreciated, while at the same time you’re helping them with their busy schedules. 

Missed appointments have a negative impact over your business, as you’ll have an empty spot that could be used by another client; while at the same time, your client will have to worry about rescheduling and potentially paying a penalty fee for missing the appointment. 

Recent studies show that SMS reminders help to reduce missed appointments up to 80%. This makes SMS appointment reminders a must thing to integrate to your customer service.Not only will your clients appreciate the help with their schedules and take in consideration how good the experience with your business is; but also, you’ll have less chances to lose profits due empty slots and no-shows. SMS texts can also help to release the load of work of your customer support agents from calling or sending texts one by one.

As you can ascertain, using SMS as a customer service tool is a win-win strategy. SMS texts are delivered almost instantly, showing an open rate of more than 90% within the first 5 minutes, and it’s considered one of the most respectful communication channels nowadays, as texts are not so “intrusive” as phone calls. If you use SMS reminders for your business, your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are likely to improve for sure! 

Now that you are aware of the benefits that SMS appointment reminders can bring to your business, you might want to start considering to include SMS texting as a direct communication channel with your clients. SMS texting is not only useful to remind appointments, but it can also help tremendously with your marketing promos. SMS marketing is increasing every year thanks to its amazing results. 

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