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Experience endless possibilities with our VoIP infrastructure

Voice services that can be customised to your business’ needs.

Whether you want to improve your customers’ experience and their engagement with you; improve client security; include voice embedded on your website; convert text to voice to meet the needs of visually impaired customers; automate your call centre; we can provide voice services that will optimise the level of your service delivery, keeping your customers happy and coming back to you.

No time lags, no static – just crystal-clear voice communication provided by SixFive quality voice systems. Whatever your needs, make sure that your calls go through every time.

SixFive will guarantee reliability of service and the support to create the tailored solution that you need for your business at competitive prices. Wherever your voice traffic needs to be delivered our top priority is to make sure that calls go through, first time, every time.
We strive to ensure quality of sound and reduced latency. Price is only half the story. We match the price and quality you need with the combination of our Retail and Wholesale routes.

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SixFive VOICE platform features

Global Reach

We can guarantee your business world-wide reach to fixed line and mobile phone networks via a single connection, ensuring that your message can be delivered wherever you operate in the world.Reach every fixed line network and more than 6.5 billion mobile phones through a single connection.

24/7 Support

We value our customers and understand that time is money for your business. Our support systems are always available to support you and ensure the availability of our network, no matter which time zone or day of the week, ensuring that you always have someone to help you get your message across.

Standardised Connection

Our network of servers is geographically distributed to ensure connectivity on a global scale, utilising our Standardised Connection Protocol to provide full support for SIP and VoiceXML connectivity.

Real-time Routing

We provide accurate and optimum routing to ensure the highest quality of connections, helping you get your message across loudly and clearly.

other features

SixFive Fast

High speed

SixFive Customer Centred

Sender IDs

SixFive Number 1

Leading Network

SixFive Guaranteed Message Delivery

Guaranteed Delivery

SixFive Value

Fair price

SixFive Voice Response

Automated Answering

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