Know your Network, Validate your Network

Our Number Validation is key to helping you verify genuine customers

Do you know who is on your network?  It is essential that numbers on your system are verified to ensure that they are still bonafide customers or potential customers who actually operate in your market. PToday numbers stick around longer as they are ported from one network to another. While this is positive it also means that numbers are often ported and roaming. These factors can impact the cost and delivery of your messaging. 

Avoid wasting your resources on numbers that are no longer your target market. Get your message across to the right people.

With our Number Validation you have a cost effective way to know in real time which network a number is owned by and which network it is currently connected to. Don’t be left in the dark. Start using SixFive’s Number Validation today and enhance the accuracy of your message delivery.

SixFive’s Number Validation helps ensure that your messaging traffic is sent to the right network, the first time and every time.

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Number Validation Applications

Network Adaptation

Adapt messages based on the destination network. Enhance delivery of all types of content.

Our network adaptation function allows you to adapt your message depending on the destination network. This arms you with a powerful tool to enable you to customise your message.


Do you need to check whether your customers are roaming when you are sending out your message or making your voice call?

With our Number Validation, you can choose to delay messages sent or calls made to roaming customers

Customer Insight

Is your database of mobile numbers updated and current? Before sending out your next campaign, we recommend that you use our Number Validation service to optimise the  numbers on your database. Don’t waste resources sending messages to numbers that are no longer relevant to you. We give you vital insight to ensure that you send messages to relevant numbers, paying only messages sent to valid numbers.


Know where to send your message and make real time decisions based on destination and cost.

Our routing function provides you with information about the destination and costs related to your database of numbers. This enables you to make informed decisions on the destination of messages or calls, and related costs.

Two simple services to choose from

Basic Validation

If you only need to know whether the numbers of your customers are active or not, our basic validation service is the most cost effective option for bulk operations. It’s simple, easy to use and effective – for excellent ROI.

Premium Validation

Want more than what SixFive’s Basic package has to offer? If you need detailed, real time data prior to message sending, this option gives full insight into your clients’ numbers, networks & real time handset status.

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