You are currently viewing Multi Purpose SMS templates – Help for Boosting your Creativity!
Multi Purpose SMS templates - Help for Boosting your Creativity!

Multi Purpose SMS templates – Help for Boosting your Creativity!

So you want to create creative and catchy texts for your audience for an SMS campaign? Sometimes templates of already made SMS or even marketing slogans of famous brands can and should inspire you. 

Just for you, we have prepared some special and creative templates that will help you find such inspiration or develop a creative approach to send a text for your SMS marketing campaigns. Since everything brilliant is naturally simple, so too are our examples. They are easy to understand and not filled with frilly details, but work without fail. Read on to be inspired to create your own such templates. 

When writing text content for bulk SMS campaigns, it is important to comply with several rules, namely,  the content of SMS text should be crystal-clear to your user audience and must contain a call to action, so you can see better results of your promotional campaign and reap the benefits. 

Proper SMS template

In our articles we are not just trying to instruct you on what you should do and what you shouldn’t. We would like to teach you how to create a snippet and use it without fail to achieve your sales goals. We give you the tools to build everything from the ground up. 

To reach your audience, and use language that they understand. For example, by segmenting your customer base according to age, location, products, or services they are interested in, you can understand how to prepare a text: in universal language or specific slang, with abbreviations or expanded wording. Using this technique will help you not only attract but also hold the attention of your customers. 

Rule One: Identify your brand

Since keywords or phrases don’t work here, using your company name will be the best way to attract and keep attention on you. If you are writing on behalf of a separate branch of the firm, then indicate your location. This is important! 

Rule Two: Describe your proposal

Treat each client as a VIP. Emphasize the fact that being your client, one gets exclusive privileges that your competitors do not give. For example, a nice discount on an order or free delivery. This way your clients will know that being your client is profitable! 

Rule Three: Add conditions 

Write that this offer works for VIP clients, but emphasize that it’s easy to become your VIP client. All clients have to do is place an order with a certain frequency or for a certain amount of money. Also, if you deliver your goods to a client’s home, sometimes to save on delivery, you can specify that when the client picks up an order from the branch of the outlet, the price will be 30-50% lower. 

Rule Four: Create a time limit

For example, the offer is only valid on Fridays, or only one week from today. This will encourage customers to take action, to make a decision right here, right now. 

Rule Five: Call-To-Action

Adding a call to action to your text message, such as, “Show this message” is a simple but very effective call to action. It works well when you offer a deal, discount, exclusive access, or some other benefit at a particular location. 

For promotional text messages that provide information, a call to action like “click here” can be a powerful attention-grabber. It works well when you’re distributing information about events: reminders about ticketing opportunities or the likelihood of a presale. 

“Send a message to win” People love contests. It is another way to get people to take action and can be used in several ways. You can send information to your current subscribers about giveaways, including the keyword they should send.

Another simple call to action is to include “buy now” text in your messages. Add a link so that smartphone users can go directly to your site, making it easier for your customers to buy products and use services. Approximately 40 percent of online retail sales are made through smartphones and tablets, and including a “buy now” call-to-action in your texts can help you promote.

Below you will find some useful templates for a wide range of occasions

SMS confirmation of the order placed by the customer.

Why is it important to confirm that the order has been accepted and processed? Because it’s important for the client to understand at what stage his order is, whether it’s taken for work and whether it’s received by the company. Receiving a confirmation SMS helps the client get confidence in the services of your company and thus builds a long-term relationship between you and your clients.

Template: “Hi [First Name], thanks for your order. Your confirmation number is: [NUMBER]. We’ll send you a text with your tracking info when it has shipped.

SMS confirmation of delivery

Everyone finds it important to receive notification of the delivery status of their goods, because it allows you to plan your time and know exactly when you can get the goods from the delivery office. It’s especially good if you add a link to track the client’s order in real time.

Template: “Hi [First Name], your order has shipped! Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery. Tracking number: [NUMBER] Track your order here: [LINK]

SMS notification of the fact that there are still items left in the shopping cart. 

Notifications about a discount on items in the cart are especially useful. Such short notifications help you get your customer back if he was going to buy something from you and forget, and also bring your business a huge profit.

Template: “Hi [First Name], it looks like there are still items in your cart. Finish shopping here, before inventory runs low: [LINK].”

SMS with a special offer

Many well-known brands use this technique, which makes each customer feel special and the approach is personalized. 

Template: “VIP’s get 20% OFF ALL sale items @(BUSINESS NAME WEBSITE) when u use CODE: “EXTRA OFF” & get an Extra exclusive BONUS! Ends 01/03 @11:59pm PT”.

SMS containing a seasonal offer

This type of notification is a good way to remind clients about your company, increase sales and create a closer connection with your customer as you show concern for the needs of your audience. For example, you could notify about a seasonal tire change or an update to your restaurant menu.

Template: Now until Christmas @(BUSINESS NAME), VIP’s show this text & purchase a $50 Massage gift card 4 that special someone & get an additional $10 FREE. Purchase here: [INSERT SMART LINK]

SMS for notifications or updates. 

Reminding people about the place and time of an appointment via text message is much more effective than posting notifications on Facebook or other sources, because people use the phone much more often than they use social media. By being proactive, you can set up an effective automated texting service and increase attendance. 

Template: 🙌 Get ready for a sunny & fun day with our Summer festival. Events tomorrow are at 10AM and 11:30AM at our Hills Campus: 11285 32St. See you soon!

You can also send instant reminders for professional services appointments with personalized text messages.

Template: You have an appointment today at 4pm for your yearly dental check-up. See you soon in the consulting room! – Dentist John.

SMS as a way to communicate with employees 

SMS messages are very helpful for sending immediate notifications of emergencies or force majeure situations. When a situation catches you by surprise, it’s very convenient to do an automated texting service for your entire staff. It helps to quickly organize a large staff or effectively notify them so that everyone can take action. 

Template: [COMPANY NAME] is aware of [EMERGENCY EVENT] that will likely impact operations on [DATE]. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will update managers as needed. Check with your immediate supervisor for updates or call [NUMBER] for additional information.

SMS to conduct surveys among employees.

SMS messaging in this case is a fast and effective way to get feedback from the entire staff, which is especially effective for large corporations. Do you want to retain qualified employees or improve efficiency? Find out how happy each employee is with the company in 2021. Anonymous voting lets you know everyone’s true opinion. 

Template: Workplace satisfaction survey 2020. All answers are anonymous. Enter to win a $100 gift card upon completion. To get started, reply: START.

Reminder text messages

Have you given a task to your staff and not everyone turned it in by the appointed deadline? Want to run a training or workshop but not everyone has registered yet? No problem! Short text messages will help speed up the process of completing tasks and discipline your employees. 

Template: Reminder: Your response is needed. Enrol in benefits by [DATE]. Access your account here: [LINK]

We’ve only just scratched the surface on the wide variety of options about how SMS marketing and text messaging helps your business grow. A bulk SMS service may be exactly the solution you’re looking for.

SixFive is far beyond the competition of bulk SMS providers out there. Our professionals always appreciate your time and understand the importance of invested resources, so we are always ready to help you build an effective SMS campaign. Get started now and receive a discount coupon!

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