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How to grow your SMS campaigns’ audience?

How to grow your SMS campaigns’ audience?

We’ve learned in past articles about the SMS marketing campaigns benefits for your business, along with how it can help you increase your sales, your conversion rates, and so much more. We’ve also learned tips to create a phone number database. But nowadays, one of the biggest concerns of businesses is how to start growing mobile phone number databases to increase the amount of clients receiving your company’s SMS texts? This is getting more difficult with each passing moment as nowadays, people are reluctant to disclose their mobile phone number on business forms due a wide variety of different reasons, but mainly because people are afraid that their personal information will be sold to third-party marketing companies who will fill their phones with unwanted messages, spam, and more.

While retrieving phone numbers from paper forms is getting harder and harder, there are still some creative ways to grow your phone number database. Here we’ll share some of the current most used marketing techniques for this purpose: 

Callback option: If your website offers live support via chat, you can include a callback option, so clients receive a text message to the number provided when the support agents get disoccupied. This for cases when support agents are busy and not being able to attend the client immediately.  By offering the option to notify the client when support agents are free, you can collect client numbers. 

Clarify: Text but never calls! You can still use printed forms to be filled by your customers in your store or website, but make sure to specify that the purpose of retrieving the client phone number is only to send SMS text messages with promos and special discounts. Inform the client that they’ll never retrieve phone calls from your business.

Offer 2 factor authentication security Include a 2 factor authentication option to your website. This way your client would have to share their mobile phone number to retrieve by SMS the access security codes for being able to enter/register/perform any action inside your website. This will make your clients feel you’re concerned about their security, while you’ll be able to collect more phone numbers for your database. 

Offer special promos and discounts only accessible by text messages. Let your clients know about all the special sales, discounts and extra benefits they can get by SMS if they share their phone numbers with you.

Organize special contests, events, and raffles to your VIP clients via SMS Use all your communication channels to promote these special events, so more clients get aware about the extra benefits and opportunities to win they can get if they join your exclusive VIP clientele. 

Of course, keep in mind the SMS marketing best practices we have already reviewed in our blog on past articles. Make sure to be honest about what clients can expect if they share their phone number with your business. Inform them about the amount of messages they can expect from you. And of course, the most important thing to consider is to keep the database safe and for your business use only; never sell or share your clients’ information to third parties to avoid legal issues, and to keep your clients’ trust. 

Now that you have more ideas to grow your text messaging audience, you can start developing and improving your SMS marketing strategy. You can count on SixFive, one of the best and more reliable bulk SMS providers in the market, to help you send SMS messages to your clients with the lowest prices in the market, to anywhere in the world!

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