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How SMS is helping people & companies return to their workplaces

How SMS is helping people & companies return to their workplaces.

The world pandemic we all endured brought several changes to everyone’s day to day lives. Thousands of people lost their jobs, while many others had to start working from their houses; having to update their tech knowledge with apps they’ve never used, as well as having to invest in new gadgets, increasing their internet speed and an endless list of new challenges, changes, and re-adjustments in people’s everyday routine.

With limited movement, all shops, markets, and workspaces closed, people had to get creative to keep their economies moving. Digital communication became essential. And that’s where social media, connecting apps, and text messaging had a huge impact and usage increase. Many stores started to send free delivery promos and digital coupons to motivate their clients to buy with them. Health care professionals started using SMS to send instant notifications about upcoming appointments for checkups, get vaccinated, or deliver relevant informative updates. Texting became one of the top means of communication between people and service providers, shops, health care, and even government institutions.

But now that we’re slowly coming back to the new normal, SMS is playing a huge role too in helping people get back to their jobs, keep working in smarter ways, or to find new job opportunities.

Thanks to the real-time nature of SMS, and its’ universal accessibility: meaning if your client has not updated their internet messaging services, or has no data services available most part of the day, you still can reach them with SMS; SMS texting has become the ideal channel for sharing important updates and information as SMS messaging does not require any download, it does not need having internet data to retrieve messages, messages can be sent and received even if the device is an old Nokia from the 90’s, and of course, everyone knows how to use SMS services.

Many employment agencies, along with many guvernamental programs are using SMS to assist people to return to their workplaces in a safely manner or to find new job opportunities by:

  • Sending new job opportunity listings
  • Sending relevant updates about new schedules to companies’ personnel
  • Account activation and creation instructions
  • One time access codes to sensitive accounts
  • Transport option updates
  • Health advice and regulations

And so much more!

Now that you’re aware of how SMS has become one of the major and most important communication tools nowadays thanks to its efficiency in delivery, you can start thinking about the endless possibilities SMS has to offer to you and to your business, no matter in which field it is.

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