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How can Text Message Advertising Increase Engagement and Sales?

The reach of mobile advertising is growing much faster than any other form of advertising. Sending promotional text messages about various products and services is the easiest and fastest way to reach a large part of your customer base and a very effective technology. Not so long ago, SMS texting had a reputation of spam. Now SMS advertising has grown wiser, it has become targeted and legal. SixFive has developed its own API that makes the SMS messaging process with your clients simple. Moreover, you can customize everything by yourself, create advertising campaigns for your own database, to set up targeting specifications and to compose message texts. Everything could be done in your personal account.

It allows you to attract many new customers and increase the sales of your business with a minimum investment of time, money and other resources. Text messages are instantly delivered to a wider target audience with high purchasing power and a large proportion of active users of various goods and services. In addition to sales and promotion campaigns, SMS messages can solve various image and information issues and by that you can increase customer loyalty. Considering the fact that almost every adult has a mobile phone, the effectiveness of the tool is beyond doubt.

Mobile advertising technologies are convenient and easy to use, and most importantly, inexpensive, which opens up wide opportunities for the use of such methods even by small companies.

How is SMS Texting carried out?

A set of special equipment in combination with software, sends text messages.

Stages of work on sending SMS:

  1. Setting goals and objectives: It is necessary to clearly define the tasks, target audience, geography of the event, and other personal settings.
  1. Database creation: You need to get phone numbers and get the consent of your clients to receive messages from you. There are many techniques for doing this in an easier way, you can check them in our other blog posts.
  1. Writing texts: It is difficult to achieve a positive result without competent texts, properly aimed and at a clear target audience. Your imagination is the limit when you decide what to text!
  1. Configuring software, or hiring a bulk SMS service provider: It is necessary to take into account all personal settings (after all, advertising campaigns are often carried out selectively) and control the results.
  1. Evaluation of the effectiveness of texting: You need to follow-up the results of your SMS campaigns by measuring the impact they had on your clients’ behaviour.

A reliable bulk SMS service is capable of processing hundreds of thousands of messages each minute, and provides delivery reports that you can use to review customer behaviour. 

The technology of sending an SMS text has many names: mobile marketing, mobile advertising, SMS marketing, SMS advertising, SMS notification, mobile marketing, digital marketing, etc. But it also has many advantages!

So how does text messaging campaigns help to increase engagement and sales?

  • It takes advantage of your current clients’ trust. SMS are sent to subscribers who are directly interested in purchasing your goods or services and who have agreed to receive information. Thus, SMS advertising campaigns are not annoying, and the messages themselves are credible and well received.
  • Flexibility and an individual approach. Technical means of sending SMS allows you to deliver a message at the right time and to the right people. It’s marketing that works according to your rules, and aligned with the goals of your business.
  • Wide coverage of the target audience. By sending SMS, you can establish an effective communication channel with potential consumers from different regions, it is also possible to send SMS worldwide. This significantly expands your target audience and provides new opportunities for your business to attract new customers.
  • Instant Texting – fast outturn. Sending SMS is carried out using modern computer systems, so the entire process of sending a text, regardless of the volume, takes a split second. More than 90% of subscribers who received SMS read it, and the percentage of subscribers’ response to advertising offers reaches 60%. This means not only prompt delivery of messages, but also fast outturn, which could be translated to a quick return of your investment.
  • Possibility of getting feedback. It’s not a secret that short text messages can not only be sent, but also received. For this, a special number and software are allocated, with the help of which the analysis of data received via SMS is carried out.
  • Affordable cost. The cost of SMS is only a few kopecks, so mobile marketing is available to almost everyone. In comparison with traditional advertising, or social media advertising the savings are significant – 20 or more times. 
  • Guaranteed delivery of information to the right target audience. Unlike many other advertising methods, SMS messaging is a “targeted” technology. This means that the information will be received by the subscriber for whom it is intended. And you can be 100% sure of its delivery. Even if it is outside the coverage area, the SMS will reach the subscriber after the phone is connected to the network. None of the communication channels can boast of such reliability.
  • Control over texting. Advertising is organized with the help of modern technologies and software tools that allow you to track the path of the message up to the stage of its receipt by the subscriber.
  • Large selection of tools, scripts and formats. You have almost unlimited possibilities for advertising, creating a positive image, attracting customers and increasing sales. You only have to deal with the character limits. For all rest, your imagination is the limit.
  • Simplicity and convenience. The service is easy to understand and easy to use. It is affordable both in terms of price and technical implementation of the process. And, most of the phones out there in the world are compatible with SMS.
  • Effective combination with other advertising technologies. The service is capable of providing massive information support to other advertising campaigns (for example, BTL-promotions.)

Who needs mobile marketing?

  1. Retail chains focused on working with the end consumer (informing about promotions, quizzes, bonus programs, discounts, etc.).
  2. Banks and various financial institutions (notification of loan products, conditions for placing deposits, providing OTP’s etc.).
  3. Transport, logistics companies, taxi services (optimization, coordination of remote transportation, scheduling reminders, etc.).
  4. Marketing and news agencies (conducting opinion polls, sending news, etc.).
  5. Large and multi-branch organizations (promptly informing their employees, establishing internal corporate communications).
  6. Car repair shops (reminders about the next maintenance, spare parts availability, appointment reminders, etc.).
  7. Emergency services (timely notification of emergency and natural disasters).
  8. Customer support services (notification about enabling / disabling services, changing settings, follow-up notifications, etc.).
  9. Commercial structures promoting new products or services.
  10. Any companies interested in increasing sales and further development.

A high-quality bulk SMS service is in demand among companies wishing to increase sales while spending a small budget. The possibilities of mobile advertising are often used by companies providing various services, for example: beauty salons, sports clubs, medical centers, real estate agencies, banks, catering service providers, online shops, etc. This service is often ordered also by large enterprises with hundreds of employees. Texting systems provide ample opportunities for organizing mobile interaction between personnel. A well-structured and digitally organized information environment allows you to increase labor productivity and improve interaction between company employees. Thanks to this, the efficiency of decision-making increases, a high degree of performance in crisis situations is achieved. SMS services will even allow you to congratulate customers on the onset of a significant event (birthday, public or professional holiday, etc.) by setting up an automated SMS campaign of messages on a specific date. At the same time, even if you send messages to several thousand clients, you will refer to each client by name due to the automatic substitution of data in the text of the SMS message!

Don’t waste a minute, contact SixFive right now and get a free trial period along with credits, as a gift from SixFive to start your first SMS campaign now!

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