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How can businesses utilize SMS texting?

Using an SMS campaign is not only about sending coupons, special offers, or limited time discounts trying to increase your sales. Companies are taking advantage of this great communication channel for a wide range of purposes.

We gathered information about how our clients and other businesses are using SMS texts, so you can use it to get some inspiration, and learn other benefits for using SMS texting campaigns.

  • SMS for security/verification:

This is an amazing way to send security codes or activation links for accounts. Your clients will feel more safe knowing that you take their security and privacy seriously.

  • SMS for customer support:

No one enjoys waiting on the phone for an operator to give you solutions for the troubles you’re experiencing. Using SMS for support purposes can be a very effective and simple way to solve your clients’ issues.

  • SMS for sending appointment reminders:

If you run an appointment based business, you can use SMS to send reminders to your clients of their incoming appointments, send recommendations about what to bring/wear for the appointment if needed, and also offer a channel where they can cancel or reschedule immediately.

  • SMS for reservation reminders, and additional information:

If you run a hotel, hostel, retreat, or experience based business, you can use SMS to send reminders to your clients about their reservation, send dress codes, rules of your place, warnings about climate conditions, or other information you may need your clients to receive in order to ensure they have the best possible experience.

  • SMS for providing tips and advice:

You can use SMS to instantly send to your clients information about your restaurant’s menu, about healthcare, post-treatment care information, and many other useful tips that your clients for sure will appreciate.

  • SMS for sending time sensitive information:

If you need to send urgent information to your customers, sending an SMS is the best option, as it provides a sense of urgency and will be read within minutes.

  • SMS for sharing useful information:

Let your clients know about your latest blog post, your latest book, or your newest recipe. They will appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge, and your clients’ engagement is sure to rise.

  • SMS for keeping your team informed:

You can use SMS for sending information, new policies, new security codes, meeting reminders and more to your employees. Forget about lost or unread emails on full inboxes!

  • SMS for tracking updates:

If you run a business that uses delivery systems, you can send SMS messages to inform your clients about when their shipment has been sent, updates about their shipping status, and item reception confirmations.

  • SMS for contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways:

Prove to your clients that your business is willing to have and provide fun too. Let them know about your giveaway contests and other fun activities.

  • SMS for asking for feedback:

You can use this channel to ask your customers for feedback or let them know you’re making a follow-up after an event or purchase through polls or other methods. Let your clients know that you care!

These are only a few of the main applications businesses are using SMS texting for, but there are many other uses you can implement for your company to increase productivity, improve your day to day operations, and improve the personalised communication with your clients or team. Your creativity is the limit! 

SixFive can help you to turn your texting ideas into reality, contact us now! We are certain that we can clarify and address any of your doubts.

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