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Customer Engagement and SMS Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

Customer Engagement and SMS Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

We’ve discussed in previous articles about the benefits businesses and brands can obtain by integrating SMS into their marketing strategies. But what about small and medium businesses? Does SMS marketing can help small and medium businesses too, even if the marketing budget is sometimes quite limited? The answer is: Of course! There’s not a single kind of business that SMS marketing cannot help to grow somehow.

Small and medium enterprises, commonly known as SMes, have shown to be one of the main pillars in the economies globally; as these types of enterprises provide a big amount of jobs, and incomes for their respective countries. Unfortunately, these businesses are the most affected by the aggressive competition between major brands and other SMes. Each day, more and more businesses join the competition for clients, for sales, and for a good brand positioning. How can SMes can stand a chance against big and already well positioned brands, with bigger marketing budgets? The main key here is the customer engagement.

What does customer engagement mean, and why is it so important? Customer engagement is the ongoing cultivation of a relationship between company and consumer that goes beyond the transaction, or sale. It’s an intentional and consistent approach by a company that provides value at every customer interaction, thus fostering loyalty. It is important as it helps your business to keep your customer base loyal to your business, even if they’re being constantly bombed by other brands.

And here is where SMS Marketing joins the party. Using bulk SMS messages, as a direct communication channel between company and client is one of the most used strategies among marketers around the globe to boost companies’ customer engagement stats, as it helps to grow a closer relationship with the client base, than by using other communication channels like: email marketing campaigns, cold calling, mailing printed coupons, offers, etcetera. This due the fact that SMS messages can be easily personalized, gives the impression of a more direct intention of communication, and of course, SMS open rate stats and return of investment are far greater when compared with the previous communication channels mentioned. This is of huge importance considering that small businesses have limited marketing budgets.

Accessibility is another main point to consider.  With SMS text communications, you don’t have to worry about finding on which social network most of your clients are, if they have internet access or not (SMS do not require internet to be received), and every cell phone out there is able to receive text messages even if it’s not updated.

SMS text communications have proven to be the best marketing tool for SMes, as SMS is the best channel for establishing a direct and personalized communication with the clientele, because clients feel the communications more close, with more trust, and specially directed to them, compared with a generic mailing campaign sent to a bunch of contacts, or an ad in social media networks. By offering custom and personalized offers to your clients, directly to their mobile phones, you can ensure your business is providing a memorable experience before and after the transaction, which will turn into a higher engagement rate. And, by using SMS marketing, SMes can take the most of their marketing budgets by ensuring their campaigns will be read within minutes, and not ignored forever in a spam folder.

Now that you’re aware about how SMS marketing has a direct influence in business’ client engagement rates, you might feel ready to take the jump into SMS marketing, and SixFive is ready to help! We have a wide experience as bulk SMS providers, worldwide route coverage to help you deliver your SMS messages anywhere in the world, and of course, the best market prices available! Feel free to contact us anytime, we’ll be pleased to help your business flourish.

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