You are currently viewing Bulk SMS as a tool for engaging clients all over the world

Bulk SMS as a tool for engaging clients all over the world

Modern mobile technologies have replaced traditional advertising tools, which were largely ineffective in achieving marketing goals. They have turned advertising into a dynamic, interactive process, significantly empowering advertisers and increasing the chances of a successful campaign through their affordability and high performance.

Using Bulk SMS is one of the most modern and effective tools for attracting customers all over the world, which allows you to engage a target audience and increase business sales with a minimum investment of time, money and other resources. Messages are instantly delivered to a wide audience in every corner of the world, which allows you to quickly share relevant data with the recipient wherever they may be.

In addition to sales promotion tasks, Bulk SMS can be utilized in image, and informational tasks, which increase customer loyalty. Considering the fact that nowadays every adult has a mobile phone  the effectiveness of the tool is without doubt.

Mobile advertising technologies are convenient and easy to use, and most importantly – inexpensive, which opens up wide opportunities for the use of such methods even by small companies.

In this article, SixFive will gladly outline more information about who needs SMS distribution, how to choose an SMS messaging service for sending worldwide and how to carry out an advertising campaign around the world.

Who is Bulk SMS suitable for?

The correct answer is to everyone who values ​​their customers and fights for their attention.

You can congratulate customers on the onset of a significant event (birthday, professional holiday, etc.) by setting up automatic sending of messages on a specific date. At the same time, even if you send messages to several thousand clients, you will refer to each client by name due to the automatic substitution of data in the text of SMS messages.

SMS messaging is ideal for:

  • Notification of upcoming events: To quickly remind you of the imminent start of the event.
  • For banks and insurance companies: Notify clients about changes in interest rates, new opportunities, notify about transactions with the account.
  • Travel agencies: SMS notifications about exciting tours, tariff changes, opening / closing of the season.
  • For offline and online retail stores. You can quickly and easily inform about the beginning of a sale, about new products, personal discounts and special promotional codes.

Also, this service is utilized by large enterprises with hundreds of employees in their staff. SMS Messaging systems open up wide opportunities for organizing mobile interaction between personnel around the world. A well-structured and efficient informational environment allows you to increase labor productivity and improve interaction between company employees. Thanks to this, the efficiency of decision-making increases, a high degree of performance in crisis situations is achieved.

How to choose an SMS messaging service for sending worldwide?

To select a suitable option for you or your company, you must be guided by a number of criteria:

  • Confidentiality guaranteed. When concluding an agreement with the service, make sure that subscriber numbers and other personal information will remain intact. It is advisable to devote a separate clause of the agreement to this issue;
  • Bandwidth. This indicator allows you to estimate the number of messages sent in 1 second without errors and delays;
  • Service testing. Conscientious companies give their users the opportunity to evaluate the convenience and quality of their service for free;
  • Price policy. You should get a clear idea of ​​how much the service will cost you. If you find it difficult to estimate the final cost, then this resource is questionable;
  • Connection methods. There are several data transfer protocols: XML, HTTP, HTTPS, SMPP. After choosing the protocol that suits you, make sure that the resource in question supports it.
  • Alpha name. An alpha name is a sequence of letters that act as the name of the sender of SMS messages in bulk mailing. Which will inspire confidence in the message.

How to send Bulk SMS?

In order for this marketing tool to work optimally, you need to follow some rules:

Stages of work on sending Bulk SMS:

  • Before you send SMS to your customers, decide on the frequency of sending, tasks, target audience, event geography, and other personal settings.There are no standard methods for determining the optimal frequency, it all depends on the specifics of the business. The reason for alerting customers must be really compelling. This can be information about promotions, discounts, sales, etc. Eliminate shipments in the morning, evening, and weekends.
  • Database creation. Before making bulk SMS, create a database of client numbers. It should include the phones of only those people who themselves have expressed a desire to receive messages. For this, polls on official websites or questionnaires at presentations and exhibitions can serve. Do not send SMS to users without their consent. It annoys people and can tarnish the brand’s reputation.
  • Writing texts. Think over the text to be included in the message carefully. Remember that the number of characters in the message is limited. Therefore, information should be presented briefly and succinctly. In addition, short advertising slogans give the maximum effect.
  • Software customization, messaging. It is necessary to take into account all personal settings (after all, advertising campaigns are often carried out selectively) and control Bulk SMS.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of Bulk SMS. Formation of a detailed report. A modern SMS-center is capable of processing hundreds of thousands of messages every minute, while communication with subscribers is two-way. You have the ability not only to send or receive information, but also to process and analyze it. 

Also, SixFive would like to add some very important tips that will help you build effective SMS Campaign:

  • Create short-term offers. Combine urgency and uniqueness. This is great for stimulating the audience to interact.
  • Write creative SMS Messages. The message should generate interest and call for action.
  • Segment your audience. Segmentation allows you to create mailings for different groups of users based on data such as gender, country of residence, level in the sales funnel, and so on.

As you can see now, Bulk SMS is suitable for solving problems of not only small but also large businesses as an efficient method to reach and attract target audiences around the world. Bulk SMS is a method of informing the target audience using mobile phones. Experienced business professionals certify and acclaim that this type of advertising works better than traditional media. First of all, SMS has a high open rate and CTR. Second, you can attract customers who are physically far from you by creating limited and time-limited offers. Distance is no longer a limiting factor. 

Get started now with SixFive. Contact us now and we will create your first SMS campaign together; it’s a very simple and quick process!

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