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Best practices for SMS Marketing

We already expanded on the benefits of using SMS marketing campaigns and about the more relevant uses the companies can give to SMS as a communication channel. 

But what about the best practices when using SMS as a marketing strategy? 

We would like to share with you some tips on what to do and what to avoid when running a marketing campaign using text messages, based on our’s, and many other great marketer’s experiences. These tips are a must know if you’re planning to start your text messaging campaigns, so keep reading!

  • Get permission

To avoid any legal consequences and look like a spammy/not reliable company, make sure you have your clients consent before adding them to your SMS list. You can use a sign-up form on your website for this.

  • Be very clear about what your clients can expect by joining your SMS list.

Inform them about how many messages they can expect from you, and which kind of content you’ll send.

  • Give concise and easy to follow instructions for opt out option

In most of the cases, this is a legal requirement that you must comply. Also, your clients will appreciate and respect the transparency that your company offers. 

  • Don’t forget about legal disclaimers

In the majority of countries, there are some legal disclaimers that you must include. Make sure to do the proper research and include them to avoid any further complications.

  • Stick to what your clients signed up for

For example, if they signed up to only get notified about your special night sales, do not send them anything but notifications about your night sales. Clients trust in companies that keep their promises.

  • Let your clients know who is sending the message

Always show your brand’s name, otherwise your clients may be confused about who’s sending them that special offer. You don’t want them to run with your competitors to redeem the discount you sent!

  • Personalize as much as you can

The best thing to do is to use your clients name on the messages you send, and of course, to do a very detailed segmentation. Everybody wants to feel special and unique!

  • Give a value to each SMS you send

Don’t waste your clients time if you’re not offering or sending them something that gives value to them. If you send them an SMS with no value, they’ll probably regret giving your company their number.

  • Keep an eye to the frequency of your messages

Some marketers advise to send only 2-4 texts per month, while others advise to send 1 per week. You can send even daily messages if your business line allows it (for example, sending them the menu for today). The best advice here is to send only what your clients expect. Be clear about the frequency of your messages and stick to your word.

  • Always be aware of the right timing

No one enjoys receiving a text in the middle of the night about offers or special deals. Unless you want to lose clients and be an annoying company, send your messages only during business hours, and do the proper check of the time zone differences.

  • Be concise and use professional language

Saying all that you want to say is sometimes complicated when you have only 160 characters. That’s why you should be straight to the point. Avoid using slang or abuse with abbreviations, as this might give your company an unprofessional look.

  • Limit your emojis and exclamation points

If you abuse, you might look like your company is trying too hard to be “cool”. Would you trust a company that seems to be managed by a teenager?

Highlighted are some of the most important tips for running a successful SMS marketing campaign, but of course, the most important thing is to use a trusted text messaging provider to assure that your campaigns run smoothly. Beginning to use text messaging campaigns is a very important step for your business. We’re sure you want to make sure you have it right the first time and on this, SixFive has your back. Creating a new communication channel with your clients using SMS technology is our specialty. Contact us now!

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