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The customer is our strength

You, are the centre of our universe.

At SixFive all our services are centred around delivering quality and top-notch service to you, our customer. And that is why our products and level of service is superior.

We are a customer first company. By listening to our customers, being responsive to their needs and delivering exceptional quality day after day, we have built up mutually beneficial relationships that last. We have the buying power and the strength to invest in innovation at the same time as allowing us to pass on preferential pricing to our customers. Let SixFive be your communications partner.

Built by our AWS Certified DevOps Engineers

While a commercial package might fit what you need, it’s impossible for it to have the same efficacy of our custom-made system. What’s more is that because our platform is built by us – this also gives us all the knowledge required for any of your requirements – small or big. Rather than dealing with companies who may not understand your unique requirements, you can get the support and guidance you need from the same people who created the system in the first place.

No need to over-spec and purchase too many bells and whistles and unnecessary features that you do not need. Our engineers and developers at SixFive know our system inside out because they built it! They can easily adjust the system to suit your very specific needs without the requirement of high development costs, giving you an unprecedented level of control and customisation.

Being so in tune with, and having inside knowledge of our platform also means a reduction in down-time as turnaround times are much faster. These are the advantages that YOU can benefit from compared to buying a commercial, off-the-shelf package.

Everything is Built In-House

The biggest benefit of custom software is probably the level of customisation. While a commercial package may fit many of your business’s needs, it’s doubtful that it will have the same efficiency as custom software. By meeting your exact specifications, we can cover your every requirement, without unnecessary extras. It gives us, and therefore you, greater control, which is important if your business. Rather than dealing with technicians who may not understand your unique situation, at SixFive you will get support from the Amazon Certified professionals who have developed your software firsthand. They will understand any subtle nuances and minimize downtime from technical errors.

Higher Quality for Lower Costs

In the world around us it’s so easy to notice how the quality of the services and products we purchase is decreasing – while the cost is rising! There has never been such noise and pollution in any given market. That’s why we believe so much in our product. Because everything is built in-house and we have full-control over our services we are able to offer exceptionally competitive prices while retaining the highest quality of service possible.

Our superior edge is that we can offer all this at an affordable price. Our buying power allows us to pass on the advantageous pricing to you, giving you better value We will guarantee reliability of service and the support to create the tailored solution that you need for your business at competitive prices.

Our messages have worldwide reach not only through our networks but also for their financial accessibility. Give us a try now or request a call back below.


Hi, I'm Xavier Serra - Sales Manager at SixFive!

My passion for marketing, the evolving international business landscape and world travel keeps me on my toes. Driven by my interest in the technology, I have been focused on enhancing and promoting international business for the last six years of my career. Graduated in International Business and my Masters of Business Administration, I’m here to help you optimise your business through SixFive’s portfolio of services. Please reach out to me on Skype, LinkedIn, email or by phone and let’s start working together.

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